Technical Diving

We believe strongly in extending our diving horizons. We also believe in doing this properly and safely. To this end, we offer courses in technical diving.

No matter how far you want to go in technical diving, your first step should be a Nitrox course. Nitrox offers the advantages of extended no-decompression limits and shortened surface intervals. Nitrox is not for "deep diving" but rather for making your diving within recreational depths safer and more effective. We offer Nitrox courses from IANTD, TDI and PADI. We also offer training on the Drager Dolphin Semi-Closed Circuit Rebreather. Rebreathers offer the advantages of greater breather gas efficiency, silent, nearly bubble free diving and a warm moist breathing gas. The Drager Dolphin uses Nitrox, so you also get the advantages of Nitrox. The Dolphin course can be taken concurrently with Nitrox training from IANTD or TDI. Among the list of our past rebreather students is internationally known marine artist Wyland.

To extend your diving beyond recreational limits, we offer Deep Air and Advanced Nitrox training from IANTD. These courses offer limited decompression diving within the recreational depth limit of 130 feet. The courses include training in the use of double tanks and a stage bottle for decompression gas.

To go beyond these courses, we can arrange for training with an instructor who can take

you to the Technical Nitrox and Trimix levels.

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