Rebreathers - Silence is a Virtue

Rebreathers reduce bubble noise by recirculating the gas we breath. The reduced bubble noise allows for greater stealth with photography and videography abilities greatly enhanced as a result. Additionally the gas you breath is warm and moist as opposed to the cool and dry air scuba divers are used to.This means more natural, comfortable breathing and also helps to keep your body warmer. In short, rebreathers are awesome. They do however require more attention to detail in set up and break down, solid diving skills, and a mature attitude. Rebreather certification is earned, not bought. Rebreather instruction and rental is available at Deep Ecology on the North Shore of Oahu. Deep Ecology is far and away the leader in rebreathers as the only Draeger Dealer on Oahu. We have five Draeger Dolphin Rebreathers available for use.

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Our Technical Instructor Daniel Morse is one of the best instructors in the State and he will provide excellent insight on how to get the most out of a rebreather, even if you are already certified.Rentals are only available for certified rebreather divers. Introductory rebreather dives and certifications (for certified divers with at least 25 dives) are available with advanced notice.

Oahu Only
Introductory Rebreather Dive (2 max) - $300.00 pp
Rebreather Certification Private - $750.00
Rebreather Certification Semi-Private - $500.00 pp
Rebreather Certification Group (3 or 4) - $400.00 pp
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