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As the founder of Deep Ecology, I have been fortunate to combine my passion for the marine environment with the real world knowledge of the financial resources that are necessary to defend it. I have seen first hand the major disadvantage of environmentalists who are combating corporate behemoths who can outspend them 1000 to 1. Constant fundraising drains precious resources and increases cost, which translates to further advantage for the enemies of our planet. To me, this is a losing battle. We must become the corporate structure that is currently our enemy and incorporate our passion for the planet into it’s infrastructure. Thereby creating our own self sustainability. Eliminating the current prostitution that occurs when corporations buy endorsement through grants and handouts. Many so-called "environmentalists" hypocritically condemn the corporate polluters, while pathetically begging for money from these same polluters. To what price must we pay, for the handouts of others?

Deep Ecology looks to the visionary example of Yvon Chouinard, founder of Patagonia Inc. This company has achieved not only tremendous environmental goals, but profited handsomely. This to me is the future of business. The ocean activity industry is a multi-billion dollar industry with some of the most affluent customers of all. Our target market is highly educated and increasingly aware of the massive marine destruction occurring daily. Destruction that most in our industry pay lip service to, while playing up the obvious beauty. Despite the pleading, and the warning by Jacques Cousteau that "the oceans are dying" our industry is derelict as a whole, in our responsibility to give back to the environment we derive our income from. This is both an insult and injury to the people we offer our services to and the marine life we exploit. A backlash is inevitable. Deep Ecology intends to capture that ever increasing segment of the market which will no longer give money to businesses without conscience. Make no mistake about this, we intend to be a multi-million dollar, multi-national corporation, that will change the entire industry, for the better. If you have the vision, resources, and will to be a part of this most spiritually and financially rewarding of goals, contact me for further details.




Ken Nichols - Founder

808-637-7946 ext #14.

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