Direct Action Policy

Simply stated, Direct Action is the commitment by all of our staff to intervene, document, and educate our customers and the public at large about problems facing our ocean environment. This policy is written into our business plan and has translated to an unprecedented list of achievements for a dive operation. Nearly forty turtle rescues, eight underwater “Ghost Net” recoveries, dozens of beach cleanups, 70 plus television news stories, dozens of print articles, and being the catalyst for the formation of the North Shores first Marine Sanctuary on an island with less than 1% of its coastline protected is a partial list of our impact. Beyond our own accomplishments we have inspired unknown numbers of people to empower themselves both here and abroad who are duplicating our efforts. In fact, two of our former employees have gone on to start their own companies and one was involved in a turtle rescue as I write this today.

Contrary to the usual desire of most companies, we invite and encourage our competitors to also duplicate our efforts. We do not want a monopoly, we want to abolish the apathy of many in our business and usher in a completely new way of doing business industry-wide.


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Our biggest goal is to change the entire industry, so that we can turn the tide of looming global marine ecosystem collapse. We are heeding the words of the greatest human spirit of the ocean who has ever lived, Jacques Cousteau, who said;

“The oceans are dying”.

These are strong words requiring equally strong commitment and passion. That passion thrives here in our operation and we will never sacrifice our love and bond to the ocean realm we love so dearly.

Despite the immensity of the problems we are focused on the solutions which are many. Mostly these solutions involve less talk, and more action, bank on us doing just that.

If you would like to be a part of our solution and volunteer your time services or money to our nonprofit tax deductible ecological efforts, call us at 808-637-7946.


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