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As a means of positive outreach to our fellow dive, snorkel, and whale watch operators Deep Ecology are offering an ecologically inspired business opportunity. Our site has become very popular and we have great web traffic. Many of these visitors are not traveling to Hawaii, and may very well be visiting your area. We want likeminded businesses to benefit from our popularity by referring these visitors to you. Indeed our biggest goal is to see the entire water activities industry put into practice the following set of policies. These policies serve to provide global protection of the marine resources we all derive our income from. Our program is the Deep Ecology Global Coalition. If your business already employs these policies or is willing to adopt them wholly, we will list your company free of charge at our recommended companies listing. You will obtain business from this listing. Additionally we are compiling a list of companies world wide and providing a ratings system intended to alert Eco conscious travelers of non Eco conscious operations. Ratings will be determined by the criteria outlined below, with ratings from 0 (lowest) to 5 (highest). When ecologically conscience businesses prosper, so does the environment, and ultimately all those who enjoy the ocean realm.

Deep Ecology Global Coalition Accord

#1 Cousteau Policy - This policy may appear vague but its message is an obvious indicator of appropriate Guide and Staff behavior. Any and all activity that entails unnecessary alteration, stress, trauma, injury, or death to marine life falls into the category of prohibited activities by virtue of the following;
"If human civilization is going to invade the waters of the earth, than let it be first of all to carry a message of respect - respect for all life."
Jacques Cousteau
Gross Violations of this policy will earn a zero rating and automatic listing in the Deep Ecology's "Companies to Avoid" listing.




#2 Direct Action Policy - Guides and Staff for all tours shall remove any and all hazardous materials while interacting in the marine environment. This includes but is not limited to debris such as, monofilament fishing line, plastic bags, "Ghost Nets", and all trash in general. When minor or gross violations of the environment are witnessed they will either be stopped directly, reported to those who can stop or prevent further violations, and or documented and reported to applicable environmental organizations (Sea Shepherds International) and local or international media.

#3 No Collection Policy - No taking of any marine life by staff or customers on any tours, certifications, or other business related activities, except for the purpose of saving life.

#4 No Anchor Policy - Where anchors can be used, moorings can be inexpensively installed. Anchors shall only be used in cases of emergency.

#5 Beach Clean-up Policy - All Coalition members will conduct at least two beach clean-ups per year with higher ratings for those conducting more.

#6 Ecological Briefing Policy - All tours, certifications, or other business related activities will be prefaced or conducted with briefings that include special considerations in your respective environments. Information will also include but not be limited to endemic life to your area, threats to marine ecosystem, status of ecosystem as a whole, and measures in place to correct problems.

#7 Recycling Policy - Wherever available, any and all recyclable materials will recycled on site. When recycling is not available all effort should be made to initiate such a program whenever possible.

#8 General Policy - It is an unfortunate reality today that total ecological consistency is virtually impossible to achieve, for now. It is in the areas that we as businesses have control we must exercise our commitment to protection of the resource on which our income and future depends. To this understanding we pledge adherence to our moral, ethical, and ecological consciousness.

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