Max Igan & Ken O’Keefe in Gaza – False Flags & America’s ‘National Interest’ – September 2012

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Video: I think this is going to be one of people’s favorite videos as it is genuinely funny and yet very serious. Max Igan and myself get into this one by showing a sycophantic Patrick Clawson of the Washington Institute for Near East spouting some truly incredible historical narrative. This useful idiot lays out the catalogue of US false flags and manipulations that have resulted in America’s perpetual state of war. After reviewing Clawson’s entire two-minute clip we then break it down piece by piece in a humorous way, after which we take a serious look at what this all means. Specifically, the ever-present threat of World War III and nuclear annihilation.

Not often do we see humour and seriousness in this way but we had fun making this and I believe most of you will not only laugh, but probably get fired up as well. Enjoy!


  • Kalki
    September 28, 2012, 6:03 am  

    Awesome! I It’s going to take a lot more for the ostriches to get their heads out of the sand though. The scum in Washington are OPENLY admitting now that false flags are a regular strategy that has been repeatedly used. What next? Will they start sending sending text messages to everyone before they stage a new false flag event? Will people get it if that is done? I am seriously beginning to doubt that the braindead (as opposed to brainwashed) masses will ever ‘get it’. Is that what they meant by the ‘ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE’ that’s just around the corner?

  • curious canadian
    October 1, 2012, 7:56 pm  

    Right on fella’s! I saw this not long after it was released, and yeah, stunned. I just came across your video today, and came across this one, don’t know if you’ve seen it. It’s from June, and every bit as stunning. “James Baker & Hillary Clinton on 06/20/2012, laughing at the thought to destroy Iran.” and here’s the full program, talking about the plans for Syria as well, haven’t watched the whole thing yet.

    • curious canadian
      October 1, 2012, 8:21 pm

      Well, maybe slightly less stunning, admitting to false flags that were previously just thought to be such is a whole new level. Sorry for rambling on…

  • curious canadian
    October 1, 2012, 8:02 pm  

    Man, these people are SICK FUCKS. I forgot to mention-you both have my admiration and gratitude for what you’re doing and speaking.

  • Chris Rushlau
    January 4, 2013, 12:23 am  

    Not to endorse paranoia or racism, but the Israel lobby is a new low in imperialism. Jews who support Israel whom I’ve spoken with personally have struck me (not literally, but these two were tempted whom I’m thinking of) as clinically crazy–out of control–one of them was asked by her husband as I sat there in their living room, “Where did that come from?”. And I’m no believer in mental illness generally.
    So these guys boasting about manipulating public opinion–in public–shows how sick Israel is. So that’s not to say that it’s not dangerous. I heard a lady lawyer, wife of a big lawyer, mention the Sampson Option ten years ago–there’s a third crazy Jewish supporter of Israel–speaking as if global suicide was no big deal.
    You shouldn’t threaten beyond your reach. One way to think of a savior is to attribute the rising tide of consciousness/conscience (did those building supplies get to Gaza from Egypt the other day?) (Israel responds by sending one truckload of gravel!) (Groucho Marx firing live ammunition) (this is partly about the soul of Judaism and/or Jewishness) to people’s placing reliance on right instead of might.
    Alright, no magical deliverance, but believing in the power of right is an act of faith, and it’s no shallow boasting faith. It’s move-mountains faith. It’s set-your-face-like-flint faith. It’s no-fear faith. What is there to be afraid of?
    Good job, guys.

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