Scuba Certifications

Open Water Scuba Diver (3 Days)

Our instructors are patient, thorough, and professional. If you are comfortable in the water and enjoy nature, you'll love scuba diving. Our PADI certification classes require three full days from 9am to 3-5pm. This class will provide an efficient classroom environment that does not spend unnecessary time with issues beyond the scope of safety. The majority of your learning experience is in water and that is exactly what our program emphasizes. From the classroom you will go to the pool. After completing the requirements in the pool and building your confidence and comfort, it's off to the ocean for a total of four dives. In summer months the dives will be conducted at world famous Shark's Cove (a reef shark is only occasionally seen there!). The diving there is brilliant and by the end of your four dives you will be fully certified and ready to dive the world. Remember that a PADI certification lasts for a lifetime and is recognized worldwide


Private Course (1): $550.00
Semi-Private (2): $350.00
Small Group (6 max): $295.00
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Scuba Diver (2 Days)

Short on time? Would you like to scuba on your holidays with professional guides? This is a great solution for you! This certification takes only two days, involves less preparation and you will receive a PADI "Scuba Diver" card. This certification limits you to diving with a dive professional. Remember, you can always upgrade this certification to an Open Water Diver within one year of completion. Ask us more about this option.

Price with gear: $295.00
Price without gear: $285.00
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Advanced Open Water Course (2-3 Days)

This course includes all materials, gear, and four boat dives. Five dives total are conducted and academics are all self study. So you can get the work out of the way back home, and just have fun diving here in Hawaii. Our standard Advanced Open Water Course requires two core dives; Deep (over 60 feet) and Navigation. You may choose three from the following ; Photo, Underwater Naturalist, Boat, Peak Performance Buoyancy, Night Diving, and Wreck Diving to fulfill the elective requirements for the course. Other specialties can be arranged. Please call or email for details.

Price (All Inclusive): $325.00
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Rescue Diver Course (3 Days) (Dependent on schedule)

Talk about making you a stronger diver! This course takes you to a new level. Instructors love to teach this course just as much as students usually enjoy taking it. You will gain a sense of confidence that furthers your dive skills and your overall dive confidence. Generally, 3-4 hours academic, 2 water sessions, book, gear during class and water skill sessions.

Pre-requisite: Advanced Open Water Certification Note: Current First Aid/CPR is required for this certification and is
not included in our basic course. This can be gotten easily from Red Cross as well as other organizations.

Price (All Inclusive): $295.00
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This is a professional rating and requires some time to achieve it. The cost includes the Divemaster Crewpack and the application along with any gear needed during the course. In order to get into the Divemaster Candidacy program, you need to be currently Rescue Certified and have at least 20 logged dives. You will be required to have 60 logged dives to complete the process. Please call us for more detailed information.

Price (All Inclusive): $595.00
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