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The Faces of Collateral Damage - Baghdad, March 2003

Human Shields were present at seven sites in Baghdad throughout the invasion and bombing of Iraq. Although each of these seven sites was targeted by the U.S. in the 1991 Gulf War they were left unharmed this time round. Unfortunately we cannot say the same for Basra and countless other cities throughout Iraq. We simply did not have the numbers to protect other sites throughout Iraq. It is a war crime to harm or destroy facilities that provide essential services to the civilian population and it is the spreading of disease and lack of water that will so shamefully hit the children and poor yet again because these sites have been hit.

Sites Human Shields were present at throughout the invasion and bombing of Iraq by imperial forces

Al Daura Electrical Plant - Ph: 00-964-1-775 0181

Al Daura Oil Refinery - Ph: 00-964-1-775 0300

Al Daura Water Treatment Plant - Ph: 00-964-1-775 2921 or 00-964-1-715 0270

7th April Water Treatment Plant - Ph: 00-964-1-443 6039 or 00-964-1-443 6038

Tejio Food Silo - Ph: 00-964-1-885 2846 or 00-964-1-885 2842

Baghdad South Electrical Plant - Ph: 00-964-1-718 9520 ext. 322

Al Mamun Telecommunications Facilty - Ph: 00-964-1-542 1984

These are some of the people who were happy to have their names published on the website. Uzma Bashir of UK, Ken Nichols O'Keefe of Hawaii, Namaa Alward of Iraq, Sjur of Norway, Leo Warren of UK, Donna Mulhearn of Australia, Tom Cahill of U.S.A., Nina Mehdikhan of U.S.A., Jean Michel Hauplin of Belgium, Giovanni Del Buon of Italy, Rosiemarie Gillespie of Australia, Teijo Virolainen of Finland, Amara Sellali of France, Mustapha Mezouar of Switzerland, Thierry Jaussoin of France, Rodrigo Doxandabarat of Argentina, Juan Ferrari of Argentina, Juergen Hahnel of Germany, Sigge Andersson of Sweden, Julia Schafferer of Sweden, Paul Micheal Raymond of Switzerland, Eric Levy of Britain, Yausada Jumpei of Japan, Yasser Martinez Tapia of Mexico, Oscar Cerantes of Mexico, Maico Calderas  of Mexico, Luz Rodifuez of Mexico, Augel Torres of Mexico, Alexis Forcada of Mexico, Marcedes Perello of Mexico, Tiosha Bojorquez of Mexico, and Marc Eubanks of U.S.A.