Testimonials 1999

"Thank you for the Help with 19 students! Service was great! Sharks Cove was great!"
J. Box 4/16/99

"Thank you very much, I did have a really great time at Sharks Cove, with Susan.. I enjoy diving so much. Thank you very much, indeed. Hope I have an opportunity to visit here again."
Thailand 4/18/99



"Thank you for this good dive and the friendly guide and staff. Good-bye."
Peter, Berlin, Germany 5/3/99

"Great visibility, saw 2 turtles and I love to watch them "flying" in the sea; we saw a scorpion fish, eels, and had great fun swimming in the caves! I will definitely recommend Sharks Cove, even if threes no shark! Enjoy your dives."
Sylvie, France 5/3/99

"Thank you very much for the dives. I enjoyed it very much. Also thank you for the excellent service of the divemasters and your dive center. Hopefully I will ever again come to dive with you guys. Bye Bye, see you the next time."
Wendel, Switzerland 5/3/99

"Thank you very much!!! Next time, I want to come for a long day! See you, Bye Bye."
Nobuhiko Usami, Dive Instructor, Nakano-ku Tokyo Japan 5/3/99

"Thanks for everything!"
Sal & Eve Lucchese, Effort, Pennsylvania USA 5/13/99

"Fantastic dive at Sharks Cove- great caverns and swim thrus many eels and slipper lobsters excellent divemaster, James. Thanks for everything."
Vince Pianalto, Ellicott City, Maryland USA 5/17/99

"4 turtles, an eel and an octopus on one dive. On the west side - saw turtles, large fish, cool lava caves, etc lovely day."
Ann Sheide, New Zealand 6/2/99

"Thank you for making my first dive just wonderful. Good luck!"
Priya & Dirk Wenzel 6/4/99

"Thank you for the awesome experience! Kari and Dan are great instructors! Plus, they are a lot of fun!"
Janan Burr 6/5/99

"Wow! I have discovered a new passion, Scuba Diving! Thanks for everything."
Kris A. Probst, Laie, Hawaii 6/5/99

"You have an exceptional staff and I loved the dive!!! I'll be back! Thanks"

"Great diving! Thank you so much. We had a wonderful time."
The Hunts and The Vivolos 6/6/99

"The reefs here are beautiful. God's creation shines in all of his glory at Waimea. Thank you for sharing."
Toby & Kristin Bowker Lodi, California USA 6/6/99

"Absolutely Marvelous! Keep up the great work darlings!"
The Enoka Clan 6/9/99

"Great diving & great company! Mahalo"
Rene Akew 6/9/99

"Great instructor, patient, and thorough. Dan is a superb teacher! Definitely interested in more diving!"
Al Lezer 6/10/99

"Two good dives, the alternative was we could have been working. Mahalo Nui Loa"
Janet & Mark 6/12/99

"Excellent staff, safety is primary, very enjoyable. Best dive shop we have been to. Recommend highly."
Paul & Renee Akin Santa Rosa, California 6/4/99 to 6/13/99 (8 dives)

"Great dive! Thanks much!"
Conner Duncan

"You all were great!"
Betty Hamley 6/14/99

"Thanks for the great service! We really enjoyed the diving and the staff!"
Cleve & Toni Neah Spartanburg, South Carolina 6/14/99
Bruce Clary Spartanburg, South Carolina. Travis Rhoads Mililani, Hawaii

"Thank you it was very fun!"
Adam Hilton 6/16/99

"Thanks a lot it was a blast!"
James Hilton 6/16/99

"It was heavy! Much mahalos with Aloha"
JCG 6/16/99

"Awesome! We had a great timed!"
David & Carmen State, Houston, Texas USA 6/18/99

"Wonderful dive, great divemasters (Dave & BB)."
Lisa Hale, Los Alamos, New Mexico USA 6/18/99

"Great Dive! Nice shark."
Amy Waters & Brian Letson, Oakland California USA 6/18/99

"Thanks Dave and BB, Great trip."
BJ 6/18/99

"Fantastic dive shop and instructors (Suzanne & Dan) Getting certified here was a great experience. Very patient, organized and supportive. Thanks to everyone! I look forward to many more dive experiences."
Jimmy Hardy Vancouver, Canada 6/20/99

"Most memorable experience on the trip!"

"Had a great time!"
Mat Gessel 6/25/99

"Had a wonderful time. Instructor Dan was great and patient with us. Hope to make it back again.
Thank you."
Dave, Erik and Mike Skoor 6/25/99

"I feel the funktified aqua energy field flow through my toes, kiss the humuhumunukunukuapua'a and warm my chilly belly at 60' in my scanty wetsuit. At least I shan't pee myself to warm up."
James P. & Andrea M 6/25/99

"No one who has yet to experience "swimming with the fishes" would ever believe this! We loved our instructors, both Suzanne & Joe. Can't wait to do it again."
L. King 6/26/99

"Breathing underwater is the best".
Rick King 6/26/99

"Thanks for letting me jump in on your class at the last minute. I had a lot of fun!"
Kent Nye 6/26/99

"Had a great couple of dives. It was good to get back in the water."
Gary Sum 6/27/99

"Thanks for a great time, especially with the dolphins."

"Had 2 great dives. Joe was great! Weather was perfect. Underwater view was wonderful! Great to see a sea turtle too! Thanks."

"Outstanding dive!, Lots of fun!!"
Peter Unda 6/28/99

"Shaka dive! Great experience! Love scuba diving better than snorkeling. Best beginners Joe's had!"
Jeff & Vic Thompson 7/4/99

"We had another great time!! Saw 30-50 spinner dolphins & a zillion turtles didn't find the turtle we were hoping to save, but we'll be back! Thanks !!"
Anderson Meyer 7/4/99

"Awesome experience!! This was our first scuba dive experience. Joe is an excellent instructor. We will definitely come back here again! Thanks from Alaska"
Rich, Don & Josh 7/8/99

"Beautiful! The whole island looks like an oil painting. South Florida with mountains and less humidity."
Carol, Ft Lauderdale, Florida 7/8/99

"Great time! Thanks so much."
Sherry Williams 7/8/99

"Thank you so much for an awesome experience - best dive for us so far."
Bernadette & Stuart 7/11/99

"We were raised on the water (fresh H20). Quite different experience. Joe was a great guide, very informative and patient. Terrific!"
Julienne Mahb & Brandon Mabile 7/14/99

"It was so fun. We had a great time!!! Thank you so much for a great experience."
Tombo Komatsu 7/14/99

"Thank you!!"
Saeko 7/14/99

"Thank you so much!!"
Naoko Tamaguchi 7/14/99

"Thanks Dave, one incredible experience of a lifetime."
Mike Dodson 7/15/99

Regina Dodson 7/15/99

"Thanks a lot, great to see the turtles."
John Cotton, England 7/16/99

"Thanks Roger & Ken. I had a great time. I loved the turtles! Keep up the good work and save them all!"
Brianne Stanley, Corpus Christie, Texas 7/16/99

"I had a blast, thanks!"
Eric Williams 7/17/99

"Thanks for an incredible time and memories."
Jose Vigil, Ski Colorado! 7/17/99

"I enjoyed diving very much and I appreciate your help, thank you for everything."
Edgar Skertehly 7/17/99

"Great dive shop and people. Enjoyed 2nd year in a row. Definitely I will return."
Mike Walker, Ft. Leonardwood, Missouri 7/18/99

"Absolutely fabulous! Thanks to Dan for being so patient and taking great pictures. We'll have great stories to take back to New Hampshire."
Jim & Deb Bonner 7/18/99

"Had a great time. Crew is great. Shop is really nice. Will be back."
Tim Bassham 7/18/99

"Saturday 7/17/99 I was startled. Where are the fish? Every year, I see the prolific sea life diminish drastically. It's sad. 70% of our oxygen we derive from the plankton of the ocean. If the fish have diminished so drastically. The baby fish & plants, plankton haven't a chance!"
Victoria, Northern California 7/21/99

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