Testimonials 2000

August 18, 2000 "Thanks for the terrific time! Great dives, guide, and people. I love your mission. Thank you!"

Raquel K.
San Francisco, CA

August 15, 2000 "Nice dive - well organized and accommodating. We'll pass the word!"

Steve, Jill, Keri, and Koeri S.
Apple Valley, MN



August 10, 2000 "Very professional, educational in more ways than one. Ken, you are a truely [sic] awesome being...seeing your energy was a renewal of my own. Thank you."
Leia Honolulu, HI

August 7, 2000 "Thanks! helped us become more aware of the ecology and had fun doing it" and "Ken your [sic] the COOLEST guy and BEST instructor and a true idol! Thanks for a wonderful experience."
George and Kristen B. Denver, CO

July 28, 2000 "For my first 'real' dive, I enjoyed the diversity of sealife and the fact that our guide was so patient. Definitely would come back and/or recommend."
Donna S. Portland, OR

July 28, 2000 "Very informative, low key, thorough, relaxed, totally enjoyable! Enjoyed the commentary, knowing what we saw, nice debrief/recap. Mahalo!"
Connie, David, and Kelly Dallas, TX

July 27, 2000 "2 beautiful dives, with many original forms of sealife. I really admire & respect your dedication to the ecology. Thank you."
Gene S. Phoenix, AZ

July 20, 2000 "Thank you very much. It was a great experience to dive in Hawaii and its good to know that whilst diving care and curtisy [sic] is taken in respect of the environment. Thanks again."
Daniel R.

July 13, 2000 "Thanks so much for the diving. I was so surprised at the amount of fish in abundance on the dive, having been told previously that Hawaii didn't hve much to offer - how wrong. The turtles were amazing too, the first I've seen below the water. The ecology minded nature of this operation is just brilliant."
Caroline A. Guildford, UK

June 17, 2000 "1st class instructor (Scott) and operation (Pat, Ken, Bill)! 1st dives and North Shore Diving Headquarters [aka #1 Scuba Diving Hawaii Scuba Diving Tours Dive Travel] will always be fondly remembered. Mahalo!!"
Jay W. Maui Hawaii

June 7, 2000 "The dives were great!! Scott and Juan were very helpful. I would definitely recommend this shop. Thank you."
Kelly S. Seattle, WA

June 5, 2000 "Had an excellent time. Great fun for the whole family. Personalized service always makes for a unique experience - not to mention swimming with a few dozen dolphins. Thanks for an unforgettable dive."
Brian and Shari T. Apex, NC

May 31, 2000 "Great diving, excellent guides and captains. Will recommend to all."
Kelly K. and Ben F. Laramie, WY

May, 2000 "Thank you so much for the dives. I was apprehensive not having been in 17 years, but you all make me feel totally at ease. And we saw a shark! May God bless your admirable work."
Debbie and Jeff W. Lodi, CA

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