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One of our secret sites.

#1 Sharks Cove 20-60ft. Beginner to Expert

"One of the Top Twelve Shore Dives in the World." Scuba Diving Magazine, July 1996.

This site is one of the most cavern rich dives available. Our instructors can guide you on a tour through the caverns, and you will witness the mystical beauty of Hawaiis "Underwater Cathedrals" in all their splendor. Keep in mind that your experience and comfort level determine the type of tour. If cavern diving is beyond your current abilities a less advanced yet equally beautiful dive is in store.

Your guide has intimate knowledge of the area and its marine life. In addition to the beauty of the caverns, you may enjoy seeing turtles, many varieties of reef fish, and many beautiful invertebrates.  This site is subject to Oahus most powerful surf though and can only be dived when safe water conditions exist.

#2 Three Tables 20-60ft. Beginner to Expert

"One of the Top Twelve Shore Dives in the World." Scuba Diving Magazine, June 1996.

Dramatic arches, overhangs, ledges, walls, caverns, and a narrow winding natural tunnel are among the features of this brilliant site. Endangered Green Sea Turtles are commonly sighted.

Once again, our instructor/guides are locals who have hundreds of dives at the site. As always, natural forces determine divability.

#3  Haleiwa Trench 20-90ft. Intermediate to Advanced

Drop into the abyss on this 60-80ft. vertical wall. Within this convoluted wall you may find numerous moray eels, resting nocturnal reef fish, cup corals, and large Green Sea Turtles. With deep water behind you, large pelagic life is also a possibility. This area is well known for its Tiger Shark population, although sightings with scuba are very rare.

#4 Witches Brew 25-55ft. Intermediate to Advanced

One of the very best dives on Oahu, this site lies within the Hanauma Bay Preserve, so fish and coral are abundant here. Glide over a carpet of virgin coral while reef fish surround you. Approach normally shy species with ease. This dive and all Hanauma Bay dives are a time warp into the past. Bring your camera, and be prepared for a quarter mile walk with your gear to the entry point, as no boat dives are permitted in Hanauma Bay.

Limited diving and special permits are required, so book early.

#5 Hanauma Bay Left Side 20-60ft. Intermediate to Advanced

Once again you can expect to see flourishing life on this Hanauma Bay dive. Because collection of marine life is strictly prohibited, unusually tame fish allow you to approach extremely close. quarter mile walk with gear a must.

Limited diving and special permits required.

#6 Hanauma Bay Inside 15-35ft. Beginner to Intermediate

The only dive in Hanauma Bay without a long walk, and the only dive here for beginners. All the splendor of Oahus most protected body of water.

Limited diving and special permits required.

#7 Blowhole 15-60ft. Beginner to Advanced

Also known as "Eternity Beach" because of the famous seen in the movie "From Here to Eternity" that was shot here, a gorgeous beach leads you to an even more impressive dive. Dramatic lava formations and crystal clear waters.

#8 Magic Island 15-40ft. Beginner to Intermediate

Start your dive here along a 20ft. wall and follow that to a mini canyon with many ledges and overhangs. This is one of the calmest dives on the island and is a common starting ground for beginning divers.

#9 Electric Beach 15-40ft. Beginner to Intermediate

A large outflow pipe from the islands power plant sends warm water which has been used to cool the turbines, this warm water attracts large numbers of reef fish, and some less common sea life such as Spotted Eagle Rays.

#10 Makua Beach 15-55ft. Beginner to Advanced

One of our special sites which other companies dont dive. A unique spot with the unusual opportunity to see some rare species in shallow water. This area is also frequented by large numbers of Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins, which provides you with an opportunity to hear their high pitched squeaks and clicking sounds on your dive.


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