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Deep Ecology's Philosophy

Deep Ecology has many unique qualities that make it a truly one of a kind dive facility. One of the major goals set forth by Captain Ken Nichols, owner/instructor is to compel other dive facilities to copy Deep Ecologies policies. His reason for this is simple. To him it is of utmost responsibility for dive operators to protect the marine environment from which they derive their incomes. "If the environment you operate in is safe, well protected and flourishing. The duty becomes then maintaining of that existence. If conversely the environment is under siege from pressures such as pollution, over fishing, inadequate conservation laws and enforcement, and overcrowding by divers the obligation then becomes to change that reality for the better." On the island of Oahu where NSDH is based all of the above apply. The trend for dive operators has been towards large boats with often times 25 divers and more. Volume has clearly been the focus and as a result quality of service has been greatly reduced and negative impact is amplified. Businesses continue to fail even though their boats are often times full. "I believe the most profitable businesses going into the new millennium are going to be those that have proven track records of ecological commitment." With an initial capital investment of $8000.00 in May 1996 NSDH has experienced unparalleled growth in Hawaii's dive industry and now has undoubtedly the most impressive facility in physical appearance, educational achievements, quality service, unsurpassed diving and without question the State's undisputed leader in protecting and improving Oahu's marine environment through direct action. In the last two months alone, NSDH's accomplishments would make any dive operation proud if accomplished over several years. In that time 3 ghost nets have been removed from Oahu reefs. A total length of 500+ feet recovered in depths up to 200 feet. On one shallow recovery a young boy and customer from Oklahoma was brought along to observe. Several beach cleanups have been conducted and many hundred of pounds of ocean waste recovered. Again, many visitors and locals have taken part. Most incredibly 8 endangered Green Sea Turtles have been captured or found. One turtle was already dead, but all the turtles were victims of entanglement in fishing line and/or hooks. All 7 of the live turtles were brought onboard NSDH's dive vessel "Deep Ecology" and either fixed of their malady and returned to the ocean or turned over to National Marine Fisheries for veterinary care and rehabilitation. Three turtles received amputations of front fins. Without question many lives were saved and all the while our customers are looking on as they are briefed about our "Direct Action" policy which leads to these turtle recoveries. During this 8 turtle string 30-40 separate stories were aired on Hawaii news stations reaching 1.2 million viewers. One radio broadcast and soon to come an appearance on the nationally syndicated program "Real TV" in which much of the dramatic turtle recoveries will be aired. Also during this time massive progress has been gained with the goal of changing Hawaii's shameful lack of marine sanctuaries. Two senators, the mayor, and several different agencies have become involved and are directly aware of Ken Nichols' and NSDH's efforts. On August 16th a front page story chronicling the events above will be printed in Hawaii's largest newspaper, The Honolulu Advertiser. All in all no one has effected so much , so fast in the diving industry in this state and perhaps globally as North Shore Diving Headquarters.

The proudest accomplishment which is now a very real possibility is the forming of the North Shore's first marine sanctuary which has only become a realistic possibility due to the undeniable documentation of marine destruction. "I am eminently confident the North Shore will have its sanctuary. My focus is simply getting it sooner, rather than later.


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