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Baywatch Hawaii Chooses Deep Ecology

Deep Eco and Baywatch Hawaii.
Left to right: Ken, Monica, Jason, Johnny, Kalai'i, Stacy, and Dan.

In the summer of 1999 when Baywatch needed to get its four new cast members certified it was Deep Ecology whom they called. Of course we were all to happy to accommodate them and it proved to be a great time for all. With the exception of Stacey getting seasick. Sorry about that Stacey. During the course we had Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins and Green Sea Turtles greet us, and mother nature gave us great conditions overall. I had to laugh at the job of certifying both Stacey and Monica, how many instructors would kill for that job? Our staff were the consummate professionals however and for all you'd know we were certifying Mrs. George Bush Yeah right!!! All jokes aside it was a great opportunity and we loved every moment of it. Many thanks to Jason, Kalai'i, Monica, and Stacey. You guys were great; we wish you much happiness and success on the world's most watched TV show.


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